Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sick & Tired of Maggi & Gardenia

I was sms-ing Kim to ask about lunch.
Ben: Wat time eat?
Today I'll eat bread. Want to finish it. U go wit ur roommate la.

Adrian also eat bread la.. Haiya, maggi la

Yay. Together die. Hahaha!

It's just that we've eaten so much of instant noodles and jammed bread here in UTM that we're becoming so sick of it! I mean we undergrads honestly pity those who have to have maggi or gardenia breads for lunch or dinner..

(Cues scene to the side of the road, a row of impoverished beggars trying to make ends meet)
Beggar playing amateur guitar: *Has few cents in hat*
Beggar has both legs cut off: *Has few ringgit in hat*

Beggar pretending to be deaf, selling pricy stuffed dolls: *Also has few ringgit in hat*
Ben holding a pack of maggi: *Has 5 hats completely filled with 50 ringgit notes*

So sad, profitable, but sad



should start a 'say no to instant noodles' campaign.
tmn u meals get boring after a few years. u guys could explore the greater part of jb. it's fun and there's good food :)

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