Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Malaysian Education System

Finals are starting this Sunday and I am just so not in the mood to pick up my 300-page thermodynamics text book! Everytime I do flip open my book, I get flash backs from my younger days:

Primary 1-6 (UPSR): Mama and Dadda says that this exam is going to tell if I'm retard.. I don't want to be retarded.. have to study (childhood passes Ben by)

Form 1-3 (PMR): Yep, all I got to do is study hard and life will all come to me easily once I step into Form 4! Until then, gotta be a good boy and stay at home everyday. (teenage mischief years passes Ben by)

Form 4-5 (SPM): Most important exam in my life! I gotta wake up 5am in the morning and sleep at 12 at night everyday in this 2 years. Efficiency! Efficiency! (teenage jolly fun years passes Ben by)

Form 6 (STPM): This will be the last time I'm gonna have to bust my ass. Just wake up early to study every morning at 3am and I should be fine. After this, it's smooth sailing all the way to degree-ville! (early adult life passes Ben by)

Then I leave myself wondering, do I really have to pay for the price of a better future with a boring and crappy past? I swear I die a little inside with each passing year in this damned education system.



Omg. I know you're exaggerating, but this post touched me very much.

Sigh, what price for so-called "success"? :(

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