Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aneroxics Pisses Me Off

I had my lunch today at this economy rice shop (pick your food, then pay) and while I was queuing up to pay for my food, a group of aneroxic school girls aged around 16 were right behind me picking out their food:

Girl 1: Not too much rice please. I think I'll have a spoonful of vegetables today.
Girl 2: Not too much rice please. Lesser.. lesser.. thank you. (Walks directly to the counter to pay)
Girl 3: More rice please. I'll have 2 pieces of chicken, an egg and 4 pieces of chicken nuggets.
Girl 4: -GASP!- What's gotten into you?!
Girl 3: No it's okay, I'm puking them all out later!
All Girls In Unison: (Giggles!)

*Ben turns around and blows all of them into the wind*

They were all so skinny you'd need snipe scope to shoot them at gunpoint.



Yeah. well most are not like that, i am aneroxic and i am not like that, that is such a rude comment. they probably do not want to be that way.

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