Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Handphone Shopping

I went shopping for a new handphone today. My old 8310 finally gave up on me last week and I'm just plain lazy to have waited till now to change my handset. Off to Taman Universiti!Well it took me 6 shops to finally pick out my new handphone. You'd be suprised by the number of colourful characters in a handset shop:

The loud one:
I'll throw in this and that and this and that. Aaah, but you don't need that so I'll just give you this for a cheaper price. Then we gotta have a headphone, fuck yeah! *Presses calculator rapidly* That all amounts to low price of RM800. Damn that is LOW! Don't you just get off hearing that? LOW LOW LOW, AAH, AAH, AAH! It's so good, I think I'll just whack off right now in front of you!

The quiet one:
Shopkeep: RM800
Ben: Anything else?
Shopkeep: It's got SMS and stuff.
Ben: ...

Shopkeep: If you're planning to rob me, I've got six bucks in my wallet.

The female:
Ben: What model is this?Female: *Paiseh* *Paiseh* I don't know.
Ben: Oh ok.. I'll just take my business somewhere if you don't mind.
Female: *Shows cleavage*
Ben: Hm, so tell more about what you don't know..

Anyway, the choice I stuck with is 6600 and I'm getting it today. Yay!


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