Friday, March 31, 2006

The Library

(In the library's computer lab)

Ben looks left
Girl 1: What?! Computer crash?! My 10 page assignment! I spent 4 hours typing that crap! Noooooooooo! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Ben looks right
Guy 1: Hm.. that's not right.. this virus should be able to shut the entire UTM network down.. maybe if I reconfigured its main database..

Ben looks back
Girl 2: *Typing on monitor* -Dear Prof. Mahmad, I cannot have this sick affair with you anymore. I think my grades have steadily improved..-

Ben looks front (Gains telepathic ability)
Lecturer: They can't fire me.. Well then, I can finally put my explosives major degree to good use. They'll never know what hit them! Wahahaha!

Ben looks out the window
Girl 1: Goodbye cruel world! *Jumps off the building*

Nope. Nothing new happened today.

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