Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Birthday To Ah Meng!

Birthdays are coming in waves this month, I guess July was the ultimate fuckmonth for people in the 1984. (July + 9 months = March, get it? ... Aaah, you don't care). Anyway, yesterday's victim.. I mean Birthday Boy was Ah Meng and this time I have pictures! Yay!

-Warning, explicit material-

This is Ah Meng.. before..

Him after being forced to down a can of alcohol. Let the show begin.

Step 1: Immobilise the Birthday Boy. This took us 15 minutes. Birthday boy's been working out.

Everybody happy!

This really is nothing compared with what we're about to do next.

Finale: Dripping candle wax on his body followed by quickly rubbing the waxed area over with cold hard ice!

Happy Birthday To You Mr. 21. Moral of the story, undergraduates born on the 29th of February are the most happiest here.


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