Thursday, March 23, 2006

Go Away!

Last week, Tuesday and Thursday night:

*Knocks on door once*
Ben: Come in!
*Knocks on door again*
Ben: Fucker don't play la! Come in!
*Knocks on door again*

Ben: -Gets up from bed then marches angrily towards the door and opens it - WHAT?!
Evangelists: Hello, we are from the Holy-Everything-That-Is-Good Church. My name is Ken and this is my friend Brian. We would like to spread joy and happiness to you! *Showers of candy falls from the sky* (I swear you'll suffer from diabetes by just hearing them speak). Can we have 10 minutes of your time? (10 minutes evangelism time = 1 hour SI time).
Ben: I'm Hindu (That'll keep their mouth shut).
Evangelists: Oh.. ok then. Enjoy your afterlife in hell then you bastard. -Skips and hops to the next room while holding hands and singing "Jesus Loves Me".

Ok fine maybe I exaggerated some parts but I'm just saying, applying the McD way of 'If you can't come to McD, let McD come to you' idea to religion isn't a very good idea, no?
I don't know, maybe they think since we're juniors trying to adjust to Uni life, they could take advantage of our fragile little minds. Hmph!


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