Saturday, March 18, 2006

Guess Which Country I'm From

Everytime I make a purchase at Jusco, the cashier would swipe my J-card across the cash register and the words, 'Good Customer' would appear on the screen.

Well it kinda feels good to be known as a 'Good Customer'. I mean that RM10 card is so so so much better than my Identification Card, where I bet if you swiped it anywhere in this country it would just read 'Second Class Citizen'.

I feel like I have a Lite version of my citizenship:

Limitations of the Lite version:
1. 3rd class medical treatment.
2. Little opportunity to do your tertiary education locally.
3. Little or no technical support from the government.

How To Upgrade Your IC To Pro Version:
1. Marry a Bumiputera.
2. Work for the government.
3. Get another citizenship (ANY OTHER citizenship).
4. Bribe (Recommended).


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