Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Behold, The Cheap Boyfriend

Scenario One

Ling: My birthday coming. I want presents.

Ben: Hey, would you want me to sweep you off your feet onto my white horse and romantically ride into the sunset.. or presents?

Ling: Hm.....

Ben: Still have to think?!

Ling: White horse la!

Ben: Hihihihihihi.

Ling: Don't tell me you're the horse.

Ben: I have no money to buy a horse.

Ling: Then how?

Ben: But got money to buy white cloth.

Scenario 2

Ling: I want diamonds for my birthday.


Ling: Such a 'beautiful' diamond! 'Thanks' a lot!

Ben: Fine, I'll touch it up.

Ling: You're bombing my diamonds?

Ben: No. That is a four carrot diamond.


Cen Ni


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