Saturday, May 10, 2008

Universiti Isteri Sewjin

Aaah~ the things we talk about when we are bored in the office:

(While discussing about living cost in KL)

Sewjin: Crazy wan ah, one plate of fried rice here cost about RM6.90.

Apple: Then you must learn how to cook la. Cheaper, healthier some more.

Sewjin: Healthy memang healthy. Cheaper also memang cheaper. But lazy.

Apple: Then nothing to say d.

Sewjin: Actually I have tried learning how to cook.

Apple: Then?

Sewjin: I cannot tahan panas. My sweat keep dripping inside the wok until the food also no need to add salt.

Apple: Yeeeeeeee.

Sewjin: Exactly, that's why I stopped.

Apple: Then teach your future wife how to cook la!

Sewjin: Teach? I make sure she ALREADY knows how to cook then only can become my wife.

Apple: Uiseh, but nowadays a lot of girls dunno how to cook.

Sewjin: So that's why, before can become my wife must give her a form to fill:

  1. Do you know how to cook?
  2. How many children do you want to have?
  3. How supportive will you be of me? Say I want to run off and join the circus.

Apple: OMG!

Sewjin: If she passes, then only she can be my wife.

Apple: Wow.

Sewjin: But I think a bit keterlaluan also if do like that.

Apple: Good you know.

Sewjin: Should do CGPA style.

Apple: What?

Sewjin: To be my wife, have to take a 3 year course. Then got subjects like Cooking, House Cleaning, Thrifty Shopping, Advanced Cooking, etc.

Apple: Oh.. that one less extreme la is it?

Sewjin: Eh better than fail one exam then straight away out, like STPM. I doing uni style, easier to get marks. Then can take co-curricular course to gain extra credits; Introduction to Position 69.

Apple: Haiya it doesn't matter la. If you love a girl, she will sure be your wife.

Sewjin: Love has nothing to do with this. It's all about graduating with a first class Bachelor of Marriage (Hons) to Benjamin Sew.

Apple: I just lost my appetite for lunch.

Sewjin: Then must take masters also. The title of the thesis would be, "A threesome with Ben".

Apple: And dinner.

Enrollment starts today. I'm kidding la. You don't need to take the masters.


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