Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Have No Personality

My mom has been bugging me till no end about my weight since I've been back. (Hands up whoever has been expecting this post again). Anyway, here's the gist of the story; I lost a significant amount of body mass last semester and my mom is not pleased about it. She's even starting to blame EVERYTHING on my weight:

Ben: I had a huge headache at work today.
Mum: That's because you're underweight.

Ben: I dropped my handphone just now.
Mum: That's because you're underweight.

Ben: My shoe is untied.
Mum: That's because you're underweight.
So you can imagine how vexing it can be for me at home. She even came up with this other silly ideology:

Mum: Son, I noticed something about you.

Ben: Yes mum, I have lost a lot of weight. We've been through that.

Mum: No, no. I feel like as if you've lost a bit of your.. personality.

Ben: My personality?

Mum: Ya like, your presence is less.. noticeable.

Ben: Oh?

Mum: Could be because you're underweight.

Ben: Oh.

Along with my weight loss, my 'personality' has also been downsized. What that means exactly, I do not know. But one thing's for sure,

The Oxford's Dictionary is gonna need re-writing.


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