Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Review of 10,000BC

Remember this scene from 300?

I couldn't find a proper picture of the net, this will have to make do.

I bet plenty of you guys were pissed mad when Leonidas missed that throw. I was. Well here's a story of a guy who was so outraged at the miss, he took it upon himself to remake the same movie, multiply the title by 33.33, rush the entire plot all the way to the exact same scene and correct the mistake.

So at the end of his movie, the hero throws his spear at the baddie from a distance, hits the target and lives happily ever after. The end. That's what 10,000BC basically is, a half-assed version of 300 with a better ending but a terrible storyline. Save your money for Step Up 2.

But there was one thing about the spear scene that I liked. After he stabbed the enemy leader in the heart and the body came rolling down the steps, the hero valiantly declared, "See, he is NOT A GOD!" Being on the agnostic side, I thought it was a great way to prove my side of the story.

So that's why he created gravity.


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