Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kids At Heart

This right here (points below):

is my current message tone. And this right here (points below) are three third year mechanical engineering undergraduates discussing their lab experiment:
(At the fluids laboratory, working with the wind tunnel machine)

Mak: So how are we going to calculate the velocity of the flow?

Kim: Just relate the height of the specimen and the velocity.

Ben: I've seen that formula before, we're using the kinematic viscosity of the air flow right?

Kim: Yes, and the Reynold's number in the laminar range.

Mak: Are you sure-

(A message arrives, power rangers ringtone plays)

Mak: It's morphin' time! Masterdon!

Kim: Pterodactyl!

Ben: Triceratops!

Mak: Sabertooth Tiger!

Kim: Tyrannosaurus!

Lab Technician: (slowly backs away from us)

How we still remembered the dinosaurs AND the order in which they morph, we do not know.


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