Friday, January 18, 2008

Pee Problem

The journey back from Johor to Kedah was the longest bus ride I have ever taken. Now honestly, I have no qualms about the overall length of the trip (10 hours). Nothing like an mp3 player stuffed full with Norah Jones and Jason Mraz tunes to lighten up even the dullest of trips.

But that's the problem, the trip was anything BUT dull. See, I have bladder control issues. In one day, I could take up to 8 trips to the loo, on a hot weather. Now imagine being trapped in a small enclosed area with the airconditioning pumped up to the max and no working toilet in sight.

They do have stops but it still wasn't frequent enough for me. I ended up clenching my crotch during most parts of the journey. One time, I really couldn't take it anymore:

(Ben runs to the front of the bus)

Ben: Oi Bang. Boleh stop kat next rumah rehat ka?

Driver: Hah? Untuk apa?

Ben: Nak kencing! Tak boleh tahan dah!

Driver: Haiyo! Mesti stop kat Yong Peng la.

Ben: Yong Peng tu next stop?

Driver: Ya ya.

He lied. The next rest stop was Machap and he zoomed right past it. I was forced to hold it in for another 40 minutes. When we finally got to Yong Peng, my bladder was so overloaded I had to make my way to the rest room really slowly to make sure I don't 'spill'. Oh the agony of public transportation.


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