Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Kill Claire Bennet

In an effort to get rid of DOTA once and for all from our lives, the gang and I have decided to take up a better, much more productive group hobby. You know, something that when you tell other people about it they'd go, "Wow, you're cool!" instead of, "How old are you ah?!"

Now the first thing (actually the only thing) that comes to a guy's mind when they says, "group hobby" is sports. That idea of course went to shit because sports would require hardwork.. and perseverance.. and sweating, 3 things which we aren't too fond of.

"How about forming a band?" one of us exclaimed. The rest wanted to burst out laughing but for some reason, just couldn't. That's because IT WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! 2 of us are already pros with the guitars and training a drummer would be a piece of cake. Plus, there's a jamming studio nearby that's charging RM20 an hour.

With all that said and done, we still had one problem. We have no vocalist. Now honestly out of the five of us, NONE could carry a decent tune much less hum one. But still we needed someone to 'make noise' through the mic so we could sync the instruments together.

So guess who's doing the dirty work?

This is not going to be pleasant.

I'm still at Alor Setar making sure grandma makes it to the afterworld properly. Don't worry, I'm doing fine :D


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