Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Celebrating 2008 In Singapore

I remembered celebrating last New Year in a cinema waiting for 'Sinking of Japan' to start. I can't find it in the archives anywhere, guess I was too embarrassed to blog about it then. It was really, really depressing. To make matters worse, the movie really, really sucked too. So this year, I swore I would do something OTHER THAN watching a movie or sleeping early to celebrate the new year. And so I did.

As patriotic Malaysians, a bunch of us decided to head over to Singapore to usher in the new year. Why not Malaysia, you ask? Well it's just that as incredibly jakunted Malaysians, we (the gang and I) tend to think that anything done in Singapore would sound somewhat cooler. E.g: "I celebrated the New Year.. IN SINGAPORE!", "I went shopping.. IN SINGAPORE!", "I peed.. IN SINGAPORE!"

A lot of silly things happened while we were there but this next story takes the cake. The thing about being a foreigner in a country is that we tend to become very obedient to the law. Sometimes, too obedient:

So we waited for 5 minutes for the light to turn green. Even the drivers in the cars on the left were laughing at us. We didn't know how strict things are over there so we didn't want to risk it. Oh how things would be totally different if we were on a KL road:

The trip was overall quite pleasant. The people were great, the crowd was great, the atmosphere was great, everything was just perfect. What a way to begin the new year. Happy 2008 people!

Leave it up to me to make a beautiful fireworks display in Singapore look like a bombing in Iraq


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