Saturday, December 22, 2007

Won't Go JCo Again

A week ago, I queued for 30 minutes. Now this is a big deal to me because the last I queued for anything was for a silly roller coaster ride when I was at Sunway Lagoon. I was 16 and I was too young and too afraid to yell, "This is bullshit!" then storm away dramatically.

Don't get me wrong, I still think that any queue that is longer than one human being is not worth being in at all. It's just.. well it was my mum:

(Nearing the J.Co Donut queue)

Ben: My god, look at that queue! 50 hungry people walking extra slowly for their food. Haha-

Mum: Make that 51.

Ben: What?

Mum: You're standing in line. I wanna see what the hype is all about.

Ben: Then YOU queue up for it!

Mum: The line is too long.


Mum: I don't get your point. Anyway, you're standing in line and I'll go shop at Jusco. Tata.

So that was how I ended up behind a 30 feet long queue. At first, I wanted to just push the guy in front of me, let the entire line drop in a domino effect and have so much chaos ensue that J.Co would have to close down for the day. It just felt so stupid standing in line for deep fried pieces of dough and if that wasn't enough, the line was barely moving and I was the last in line for 5 minutes.

Picture this, in front: an insanely long line of sweaty smelly people, in the back: FREEDOM! I had this window for 5 whole minutes and I didn't do a thing! That was until a couple queued right behind me and it was then for some reason, I started to take the line very seriously. So serious that at one time:

(A lady and child passes by in front of me)

Ben: Excuse me. You're cutting. *serious face*

Lady: Oh no no no! I'm just passing by! Sorry! Sorry!

Ben: Hm. *serious face*

I know, I was a jerk. But that is what standing in line alone in line for half an hour does to a man. One thing though, the long line blew my belief that Malaysians do not like to queue right out the doors. People were actually taking pictures, a lot of them I might add. At least they had something to do. I counted the number of boxes on the linen shirt the guy in front of me was wearing. 32.

An eternity passed and I finally got to the counter. I quickly picked every donut in sight, paid for them and got the hell out of there. A bite and a taste later.. well IF you ask me, the queue wasn't worth it all. I stress the word "if" because I know that there a lot of J.Co fans out there. Good for you, at least the queue was worth your while. It didn't for mine.


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