Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Campus Elections

The campus elections were today! Ok I was not really that excited about it. Call me ignorant but I just don't see the point in all this pro-aspirasi versus pro-mahasiswa thing. The pro-aspirasi have always been supported by the deans and the vice chancellor so their win is inevitable and even if the pro-mahasiswa wins a seat or two, they'll be given meagre positions in the management regardless of their number of votes so again, why bother? Here's a little info for those who are totally lost right now:

Pro-Aspirasi = Pro-establishment. Candidates who run for this side have a high chance of winning but they won't be able to do much in the management. They are after all, controlled by the university establishment.

Pro-Mahasiswa = Pro-students. Candidates who run for this side have a low chance of winning but if they do, they are the ones who we can count on to say NO! if ever the university decides to introduces another shitty law.
This year though, Normie is running for the general candidate position so we thought we'd try to be good friends (and university students) for once and vote. We didn't think it would be but voting was tough.

We had to vote for 10 out of 20 general candidates and after crossing off Normie, we had 9 more options left and we really didn't know anyone else from the list so most of just stared blankly at our voting sheets. It felt as if we were sitting for an exam that we didn't prepare for and it got so uneasy to the point that some of us actually freaked out. Ok fine. Only I did:

(In the voting booths)

Ben: Pssssssttt!

CK: What?

Ben: Who else did you vote for besides Normie?

CK: Whoever who looks reliable and thrustworthy AND has that confident smile that says "I will make a difference!"

Ben: ...

CK: And has boobs.

Ben: Perfect.

So in the end, most of us voted for Normie and 9 other random chicks not because the feminism era has shed a new light on us or anything but because we men, like boobies. and sometimes, long slender legs.

Malaysia's future looks really bleak right now.


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