Monday, September 17, 2007

A Trip To Lovely Lace

Adrian made us follow him into Lovely Lace today to pick out a birthday present for his girlfriend. Bad idea:

(In Lovely Lace)

Ben: Adrian, I am very uncomfortable with this place. It's all girly and...


Ben: That and Kim is getting hysterical. Just quickly pick a doll and let's get out of here.

Adrian: Hold on. I'm looking for something.. perfect.

I'll never get why girls love pink so much. Guys would freak out if they woke up in a pink room and here we are walking into one.

(CK taps Ben from behind)

Ben: What?

CK: After walking around this store, I realised one thing.

Ben: Yeah?

CK: Everything in this place is useless to guys. The owner must be a feminist bitch.

Ben: Adrian, CK already thinks this place is sexist. PICK SOMETHING!

Soft toys, earring holders, musical boxes, and more soft toys. The only thing guys would ever think of using in this store is the exit. CK's got a point.

(Adrian finally finds something)

Adrian: What do you think? *shows a soft toy dog*

Ben: Cute. How much is it?

Adrian: RM99.

Ben: For a soft toy doggy?!

(Kim slaps Ben)

Ben: I mean, wow, nice. Take it.

Adrian: But one of its eyes are covered. See.

Ben: Just trim it la when you get back.

Adrian: It's a little dusty too.

Ben: I have a hair dryer at home.

Adrian: And...

Ben: What else?! You wanna know if it has already taken its shots ah? Scared it will kena hepatitis A & B is it?! JUST BUY THE DAMN THING!

The salesgirl had a good laugh with us in the store. And yeah, Adrian got the damn dog.


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