Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Rode A Motorcycle!

I now have a motorcycle! Ok, it's really my uncle's one but he already has a car AND he lives all the way up there in Kedah so.. IT'S ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHA! *mosquito flies in Ben's mouth. Ben chokes. Ben dies.*

Now here's the catch; I don't have a motorcycle license nor have I ever ridden one before. Ok fine, it's not so much as a catch but more of a.. disability. I don't own a motorcycle license now because back then, I was rushing to complete my car license so I could start driving my mum's wira.

No doubt that I'm regretting every single minute of it now that I am stranded here in Skudai without a car that I can drive and with a motorcycle that I can't ride. That all changed today when Adrian offered to give me some motorcycle riding lessons! He conveniently divided the lesson into two parts:


Adrian: The accelerator is over here, the light switch is over here and the signal lights are over there. Have fun.

Ben: Are you sure that is all?

Adrian: Yep I'm sure.

Ben: Ok...

Adrian: Hold on! The horn is over here.

Ben: You were gonna send me off without telling me where the horn is?!

Adrian: I'm so sorry.

(Ben revs up engine, gets ready to take off)

Adrian: Oh ya, the brakes are over there.

And of course:



Ben: Where?!

Adrian: THERE! *points*

Ben: But it is two blocks far..

Adrian: Early warning.

Ben: .. and it's driving away from me.

Adrian: Just be careful.

I did pretty ok on my first day. I managed to circle the entire neighbourhood and not kill myself. Truth be told, I couldn't possibly crash even if I wanted to because I kept confusing the brakes as the accelerator. I was actually slamming the brakes everytime I want to go faster. Silly me, I know.

Here's the full-length version. It was already halfway through the lessons:


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