Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Meet Up

I got beat up by a girl yesterday. No, wait! *shields the "Close Tab" button* You gotta understand two things here. One, that girl is Beve and two, ... well there's no two because she is already one big reason. Ok fine, maybe it's not entirely her fault:

Attack 1:

(At home)

Beve (SMS): You're not gonna be disappointed by what you will see, right?

Ben (SMS): That's like asking me if I'm that shallow. Don't worry, I won't be.

(At Midvalley)

Beve: Hello!

Ben: Wow I am so disappointed. Goodbye.

Beve: Grrrr! [Smacks Ben's back.]

Attack 2:

(On the way to the car park right after lunch)

Beve: I am hungry.

Ben: I am not surprised.

Beve: [Punches Ben's chest.]

Attack 3:

(While waiting for Beve's maid to return home)

Joyce (Beve's friend): She's taking forever to come back.

Beve: That's because she walks so damn slow!

Ben: Either that or it's because she knows you're here.

Beve: [Gives Ben the "stare of death".]

Joyce: Dude, why do you do these things to yourself?

Ben: I.. I.. don't know.

Beve: [Jabs Ben's stomach.]

The list could go on but those were just some of the highlights. And because painting both my index fingernails with black nail polish isn't enough, Beve decided to overstretch the collar of my T-shirt as another going away present. It didn't help too that I'm going home by commuter right after. All the way, looking like this:


Nah it's not that bad but still, I kept trying to cover my upper body and at the same time making sure I don't bend too much throughout the train ride. Who knows what perverted asshole would catch a glimpse of my 'assets' and start jerking off right then and there.

Thanks Beve. For getting me out of the house I mean. Definitely not for turning me into a chick. I am back in KL for my one week semester break. Must. not. gain. five. kg. like. last. holiday.

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