Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Docile Public Uni Undergrads

I don't know what all the fuss is about. In my opinion, public university students are a very outspoken bunch. Be it in on the road:

(On the way to uni)

Kim (driving): Hey did you see that?! I think he should just stay in his own damn lane! [Horn! Horn!]

Adrian: That car there has already stopped! The van should move out of the junction NOW! Horn him.

Ben: They always act like they own the road. I think that all passerbys who moves any slower than a sprint when they cross a road should be arrested! Horn them!

In public:

(At a mamak stall)

Normie: He should've just kicked the stupid ball.

Kim: They should substitute Ronaldo. He ain't doing much on the field today.

Ben: Oi Macha, tambah lagi teh ais satu!

CK: Pass the fucking ball! You're not the only one playing!

And more importantly, in the classroom:

(In class)

Lecturer: Let's start off the day by discussing a touchy subject. Malaysia's one-sided constitution. Any opinions?

Kim: ...

Adrian: ...

Ben: ...

Normie: ...

CK: ...

2/3. That is still good enough.


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