Sunday, June 17, 2007


My mom got herself a new mp3 player. I know, it isn't exactly groundbreaking news but here's the thing. The player's software is hella complicating so understandably, my mom needed some help transferring songs into the gadget.

Being a loyal listeners of the Bee Gees and the Carpenters, my mom decided that it's time for her to update her playlist and so we (the hip and cool children), helped by sampling to her all 632 songs in our hard disks. At first it was easy, my mom would just say "This is nice!" and into the mp3 player it goes.

Then she tried to be specific.

(Song 1)

Mom: I want the songs with the Makan Enak tempo.

Jo: The what?

Mom: Makan Enak.

Jo: Ben! Do you know any songs with the title "Makan Enak"?

Ben: That sounds like something Too Phat would sing.

Jo: Mom, we've never heard of it.

Mom: It's really popular last time. You know, *Puts hand on head, then holds it straight then touches knees*

Jo: ... the macarena.

Mom: Yes, the Makan Enak.

(Song 2)

Mom: I want the songs sung by IP too. Their songs are all very upbeat.

Jo: Wha.. IP? ... Ben, does your computer have IP?

Ben: Who wants to know?!

Jo: Mommy.

Ben: Mom wants to know my IP? *panics* Oh mum.. whatever for? *deletes all history and cookies*

Mom: Black IP!

Jo: Black Eyed Peas..

(Song 3)

Mom: Ah yes! What's that song, er.. Smart Tag!

Jo: SmartTAG?

Mom: Yes, it's played quite a lot recently on the radio.

Jo: ...

Mom: You know, "Smart Tag, ooooh, Smart Tag, ooooh."

Jo: Smack That.. by Akon?

Mom: Yes that's what I said.

I could see it now, Malaysia's future number one hit:

SmartTAG by Sebiji Jagung


Use Touch N' Go,
To pay your toll,
Sure jam no more,



This post just cracked me up like an egg. I thought my mom was the only one! Who sang "The lion and the annt....(not lion and the lamb)

:) Go moms.

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