Sunday, June 03, 2007

It Will Never Come To This

My dad and I were loitering around the Curve one night and as we passed by a really crowded bar, my dad naturally got curious:

Dad: What's happening?

Ben: Nothing is happening.That place is called the laundrybar and it's crowded because it's a popular hang-out spot for youngsters our age.

Dad: Let's go in. I wanna see what's so great about the bar.

Ben: With you?!

Dad: Yes. Come.

Ben: NO!

Dad: Why not?

Ben: Two words: social suicide. Coming to these type of places with our parents is like saying, "Look at me! I have no friends, so I brought my parents instead to get drunk with me!"

Dad: I'm not going to get drunk with you.

Ben: That's not the point.

Dad: I'm just going to help you pick up chicks.

How is that not scary?

[Start dream sequence: In the bar]

Dad: Hello pretty lady, let me introduce you to my handsome son. *pats Ben's head*

Ben: Oh.. my.. god.

[End dream sequence]


Dad: Hey, what are you thinking of?

Ben: I just visited hell.


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