Sunday, June 24, 2007

City Road Musings

After being back in KL for almost two months, I have come to realise one thing:

(While driving out for lunch)

Dad: Stuck in traffic again. What are all these stupid people doing on the road?!

Dad, we're on the road too.

We are different.

And how are we different? We're going for lunch and I bet all these people are doing the same.

I have you.

............ we're not gonna hug now are we?

NO! I meant ours is the only vehicle in this entire stretch of road with two or more people in it.

Ben: That's impossible.

Just look around.

Ben: [1st car, one person.. 2nd car, one person.. 3rd car, one person.. 4th car, one person]

You done yet?

Ben: Hold on. [continues counting: one person.. one person.. one.. one.. one]

Carpooling, is something very foreign in the city. Now I'm not gonna be the one to judge because who knows, I might be the one driving a huge ass MPV alone in the middle of rush hour in the near future. I can't help but wonder though, what do these people think of when they are stuck in stationary traffic, alone, with no one to talk to:

(In a car nearby)

Lone driver: [I'm gonna be late AGAIN!]

Lone driver: ...

Lone driver: [This right here.. is all the government's fault.]

Lone driver: ...

Lone driver: [My steering wheel is so round. I shall nickname my steering wheel roundy.]

Lone driver: ....

Lone driver: [My horn is gonna hate its nickname.

Thank god for radios and CD players.


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