Friday, May 04, 2007

I Met Reshmonu In The Gym

"Reshmonu lives downstairs!" I always thought that my sister was kidding when she tells me that. Come on, it's Reshmonu! What is he doing living at the lower floor of a second class condo like ours?! I mean, he's a huge Malaysian pop star who produced gems like.. er..


Ok I know the man sang some really great songs last time but for some reasons, I couldn't find anything on google. Man you know you're way past a sophomore slump when google can't even find your old hits. Anyway, today I was proven wrong! ... about him living downstairs.. not about his slow demise in the local music scene.

(In the gym. No, seriously.)
Ben: Quit it la. Reshmonu does not live here.
Bernice: OMG!! Ok ok ok, everyone act natural! *panickly looks around* Bennie boy, get off the cycling machine! I wanna use!
Ben: No.
Bernice: Aaarghh, this will have to do. *bench presses 60kg of weights*
Ben: You should lessen the weight.

(Reshmonu enters)

Ben: [GASP, It IS Reshmonu!]
Reshmonu: [Smiles]
Ben: [OMFG he smiled at me! What the hell should I do now?!]

(Ben's brain meeting commences)

Extrovert Ben: I think you should go up to him, shake his hands and tell him how much of a fan you are.
Introvert Ben: I don't think you should bother him while he's working out.
Extrovert Ben: Well at least smile. Every star would appreciate a little recognition.
Introvert Ben: Ok fine, just one smile.
Gay Ben: You should try to caress his large, gargantuan muscles. Mmm, look at them pex.
Extrovert Ben: [Whispers to Introvert Ben] Psst, what is he doing here?
Gay Ben: Hey there Introvert Ben~
Introvert Ben: Hello~
Extrovert Ben: ... YOU GUYS HAD SEX!!

(Ben's brain meeting ends, disturbingly)

Anyway, I actually wanted to say something along the lines of, "Hey Reshmonu!" but I ended just smiling back. Didn't know the meaning of 'star struck' until today.

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