Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Parent Trap

(While dad and I were having breakfast)
Dad: Your mom and I are getting old. You'll need to start taking care of us soon.
Ben: Yeah dad.
Dad: So are you planning to live with us in the near future?
Ben: I don't think so.
Dad: Then how are you going to take care of us?!
Ben: ... that was a trick question!


Dad: So this is what I think you should do.
Ben: Sigh, here we go.
Dad: You can stay alone wherever you want; a bungalow, a semi-d or an apartment, we won't intrude BUT on one condition.
Ben: That is?
Dad: You must buy ANOTHER separate unit nearby for us to stay in.
Ben: WHAT?! But what if I can't afford it?!
Dad: Then I guess you'll just have to stay with us forever till you make enough money. Too bad.

Aah, the promises we make to them.



You shall send them to an old folks which runs in a big ass bungalow and which is near your house at the same time. Win win. Haha!

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