Friday, September 29, 2006

Pay Your Debt Or Else

I found this well-decorated house while jogging around the neighbourhood.

This doesn't look at all like the work an average ah long. It looks more like the doings an enraged man who just got ripped off pretty badly by a friend. Oh well, it's never good news when someone needs to borrow cash.

I liked what he labelled the guy. Move aside Keluangman and Cicakman, here comes the one and only original Malaysian superhero, Tipu King! With the amazing ability to distort the truth far better than George Bush ever can! Woaaaah. Witness as he uses his powers for the greater good of mankind:

Tipu King: Hello sir, you're a girl.
Man: OMG, thank you! Thank you so much! It's the boob job right? I think it looks so real!

or transvestites. And together with Raja Kencing and Ganja Man, they will form a powerful alliance aptly named, "Sampah Masyarakat"!



Tipu King: Blast! My arch-nemises Enraged Creditor has uncovered my not-so-secret lair and advertised to the apathetic public!

*Door bursts open*

Enraged Creditor: There is nowhere you can run now Tipu King! Now... WHERE IS MY HUTANG!!!

Tipu King: Time to use my powers for the greater good of selfish desires! BULLSHIDO ATTACK!!!

*Starts pulling off some bullshido moves which mirror the motions of a lifeless marionette being pulled by its strings*

Tipu King: Read my lips... There Is No Hutang...

*Enraged Creditor has a glazed look on his face; much like the way a stunned deer reacts to the headlight glare of an oncoming SUV*

Enraged Creditor:!! Your Bullshido will never work on me!

Tipu King: Well, try this one on for size... The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Enraged Creditor: What...the...F#&$k are you going on about?

Tipu King: You heard me you villianous and rightfully pissed-off debt collector..

Enraged Creditor: Ok, you asked for it... *Rolls up sleeve*

Tipu King: Resorting to hard-handed tactics eh? I guess there's only one thing left to do... ULTRA-SUPER-SECRET-BULLSHIDO-MANOUVERTHINGAMABOB!!!

*Flails his hands very much like a man in the grip of an epileptic seizure*

Tipu King: TAKE THIS!!!

*He throws an object that looks very much like a coin. Enraged Creditor picks it up, examines it and nods to himself*

Enraged Creditor: Finally, you've returned my 50 cents. Time to load up on some sweet...sweet...CANDY!!!

*Enraged Creditor skips out the door like a happy kid who's just won some marbles in a schoolyard game*

Tipu King: Once again the day is saved by...

*A window swings open*


Tipu King:, I need to get a job

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