Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Note On My UTM Hostel Door

I came back all worn out from basketball today to find this note stuck loosely on my door.

"My Name is Kai Hong. I am Everybody's Best Friend. Currently, I am In The Business That Can Help People To Earn their 1st 1 million. And I Love To Help You To Earn It! So Do Contact Me If You Think You Have A Dream To Catch..."

Here's what I think of Kai Hong's note and the thousand other pyramid schemes out there.

"My Name is Kai Hong. I Have No Friends. Currently, I am In A Business That Just Lost its first 1 million. And I Love You! So Do Contact Me If You Think You Are Gullible... And Alone"

Doesn't it just scream SCAM! all over? That and SCARY! Anyway, I'm gonna give him the free publicity. Here's his website and all the information about his company. Yes, I know. The BlingyBob arrow sent chills down my spine too.



Maybe you should write a note back saying "sorry i dun like kai hong. i only eat zhao kai (fried chicken)"...


i know this guy lol. thought he graduated along with us.

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