Thursday, April 13, 2006

Getting Fined For Holding Hands

I got a huge scare yesterday when I heard that this country no longer allows couples to hold hands in public anymore or even go further than that. My friend read from a chinese newspaper that a new law has been passed by the State Councils that prohibits any form of opposite sex physical contacts in public. Funny that the first thing that came to my mind was:


My friend added that a few local couples, even foreigners in KL were already given fines for holding hands and kissing in public!

At a shopping centre:
Police: Hey you two! I'm gonna have to fine you both for holding hands.
Man: What? That is ridiculous!
Woman: Aaaw, come on officer (bats eyes) can't you give us another chance? (brushes shoulder against officer's hands)
Police: And that's another fine for you! Perhaps you aren't clear with the new rules, NO CONTACT BETWEEN OPPOSITE SEX IN PUBLIC!
Man: But technically, didn't you also make contact with her?
Police: ...

At a local children's park:
*Sight of children running and playing around the slides while being accompanied by their mums*

Police: (Approaches a mother) What are you doing?
Mother: Er.. playing with my son.
Police: You realise right that the new law prohibits contact between opposite sex in public for ALL AGES?
Mother: But that's absurd!
Police: Here's your fine and please let go of your child now.
Mother: (Let's go of her son)
Son: Yay! I am free!

*Sight turns ugly as little infants everywhere were falling off slides and jungle gyms, bones broken and blood spewing everywhere. Mothers watch helplessly as their sons horde off to the nearby forest to live with the wolves*

Well then I found out that this has been a very old case and that this isn't even on The Star.. AT ALL. Recently a foreign couple got really, really intimate in public so they were slapped a fine, nothing big in Malaysia. Sad though it was on the front page of this other chinese newspaper.


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