Friday, April 14, 2006

1 Notice Board, 200 Pissed Undergraduates

Recently at our Mechanical Engineering Faculty, the Student Representative Council had an ingenius idea to put up a notice board where anyone can write in their complaints and comments about the faculty or maybe even UTM in general.

My faculty's 'tagboard'

As you can see, UTM students had a hell lot of complaints. But as I took a closer look, something caught my eye. Let me explain, the upper portion of the notice board is actually white manila paper to hold up the word 'MAJLIS PERWAKILAN PELAJAR'. The lower portion is where all the comments SHOULD be written.

This was taken at the upper left corner of the board. Interesting to say the least.

(If it isn't clear enough for you)
Comment 1: Apasal budak tahun 1 tak boleh bawak kenderaan bermotor? Aku dah cukup umur dan rugi la tak dapat guna lesen.
Comment 2:
Budak tahun 1 bangang, mana boleh conteng kat sini, tula pasal!

Comment 1:
Kita sama-sama bangang.

Comment 3:
SUB (cafeteria) banyak tahi kucing.

And this is only a tiny portion of the notice board..


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