Monday, April 10, 2006

Driving And Me

In Hostel Parking Lot:
Ben: I wanna drive!
Friend: Sure.
Ben: *Eeep, It's a manual!* Er.. I don't think I'm feeling well enough to drive..
Friend: Quit messing around and just drive. Come on, I'm hungry.
Ben: Ok.. (Starts engines)

10 minutes later, in hell:
Ben: I told you I wasn't well enough to drive.
Devil: Hello you two!
Friend: %$#*@^"<:

Guys I DO have a driving license, it's just that I can't drive for shit when it comes to manual! I'm just so used to my automatic Mazda Premacy at home. I have a feeling though that I should start learning how to drive a manual car, you know in case of emergencies:

Friend with car suffers from serious gastric, I'm the only one left in the hostel who 'can' drive:
Friend: I need to get to the hospital quick. Here are my keys, I don't think I can dr... (Falls into coma)
Ben: Adrian, Adrian! Oh no, I have to get him help quick!

*Batman theme plays as Ben carries his injured friend to the back of the car and quickly drives to the nearest UTM hospital*

30 minutes later:
Friend: (Wakes up from short coma) Oh thank you so much Ben. I don't know what I would've done without you..
Ben: Don't mention it.
Devil: So that's a 20% percent medical discount for your friend with your Hell Membership Card. (Swipes card) Please come again Mr. Benjamin.
Friend: What the...

Yeah, I'd better learn quick.


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