Monday, March 27, 2006

Rules & Regulations

(During a Uni Inter-Hostel Meeting in the Secret Chamber of Doom)
Chairman: My minions, it is time to make the lives of UTM students even more unbearable!
Person 1: Let's force them so stay inside the campus and eat our crappy food! *Thunderclaps!*
Chairman: No, we've done that already.
Person 2: Let's strip the first year students of their private transportation rights! *Thunderclaps*
Chairman: People! We need to be more creative here!
Person 3: Shouldn't we stop issuing so many new constraints on our students? What if they counter with a huge protest or start a riot?

*A shower of knives falls from the sky, continously stabbing Person 3 to death, Blood and Pubic Hair everywhere*

Person 4: How about a 12am curfew?!
Chairman: Excellent *Rubs hands together* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!
All in unison: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Then I wake up from my dream into a nightmare..


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