Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday To Ngage!

Just celebrated my roommate's birthday yesterday.. It's scary that 'Birthday' here in UTM is somehow translated to 'Torture'. Yesterday, we celebrated my roommate's birthday. 'Birthday' in UTM is somehow translated to 'Torture'.

Here's what happened, at the stroke of midnight, everyone gathers outside my me and roommate's room. One of them miss calls me and I open the door. 12 guys holds my roommate down, each grabbing a part of his limb and the following punishment were exerted on him:

1) Drip candle wax on his body.
2) Tickle him silly.
3) Rip his leg hairs off with celotape.
4) A horrible version of 'Happy Birthday' being sung by 12 half naked guys (I consider it a punishment).

He was then carried off to the hostel toilet where 2 packs of flour was poured all over him and 2 eggs smashed right onto his head.

I'm a Sabahan and I consider taking the last minute RM500 flight back to my hometown on my birthday, a damn good deal.

I actually have the video (3gp format) but you'll just have to wait until he disagrees my little 'proposal'. Can you say, blackmail?


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