Friday, July 10, 2009

You Snooze You Lose

I am arriving to work late almost everyday. Credit goes to this habit that I have of hitting the snooze button every time my cell phone alarm goes off.

So here, I have devised an ingenious plan to incorporate both my love for repetitively hitting a button and my need to get to work on time:


YL ... 荔

Just put the alarm in ur bathroom! Loud one! In addition to the echo in the bathroom and all that.


scared i will just slam the door shut then go back to sleep :D


i just realised ur back bloggin... haha.. :D

Simon Seow

I read that there's an alarm clock with a flying rotor blade when it goes off, the rotor blade will fly off. You'll have to place the rotor blade back on the clock only it'll stop ringing.


this one funny too xD u know i think u got funnier after tons of ppl stopped reading

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