Saturday, August 09, 2008

College Archery Competition

Presenting the K16/17 archery team representatives:

No Eye See

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the worst player in the team:


This is Adrian being pissed at the worst player in the team:

My points weren't even enough to be counted in the score sheet

This is my roommate taking revenge for me:


Normie aims high:

Going trigger happy

Normie aims low:

Straight men do not see this as problem

Actually, these pictures weren't as funny as compared to the reactions we got from the athletes there while we were snapping these photos. Heheh. Sigh, we are hopeless a bunch. Not even an archery competition participated by state representatives and refereed by highly experienced officials could get us to put on a serious attitude, not even for a minute.

Our college team got 6th out of 10. Not bad considering we only trained for 2 weeks :)


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