Sunday, June 08, 2008

Malaysians & Free Stuff

When I saw that the spiders were almost done weaving their web at the sides of my pits, I figured that it was about time I started putting my social life back on track. So yesterday, I attended the F&N Freestylz event. It was mainly about painted cans and promotion of local artists. I was mainly there just to just to talk to someone, anyone besides Hammie (my hamster).

We (the nuffnang bloggers) were asked to be the alternative media where in addition to covering the event, we were also asked to interview the local artists; Joe Flizzow & Danny One. The interview itself wasn't that eventful but the lucky draw more than made up for it.

That's when I realised that the organisers were actually taking advantage of our money-minded Malaysian attitude! Another example was during the concert when the local artists took the stage. The songs were good but for some reason, the crowd wasn't that into it. Once again, the organisers found an ingenious way to hype up the crowd. By giving away free stuff midway through the concerts.

Now it's not to say that we are a nation blinded by greed and material possessions. I mean, look at how we, with no cost at all, involve ourselves in demonstrations to fight for freedom, peace and justice.

In most countries, money drives the economy. In our country, money drives the people. Heheh. Anyway, I had great fun that night. Free food provided by Italiennies and great company throughout the night. You guys know who you are!


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