Monday, March 03, 2008

Body Crazy

One year ago, my daily routine consisted of napping, overeating, DOTA and nightly mamak sessions. A few months ago it all changed to exercising, exercising, and exercising. The reason?:

(A few months ago)

CK: Dude, you're getting fatter.

Ben: No, I'm not.

CK: *Smacks Ben's tummy. Tummy moves in a jelly-like motion for 5 seconds.*

Ben: I should start exercising.

So for the past 2 months, I have lost quite a significant amount of weight. Though somewhere along the way, I picked up a slight obsession with building muscle mass. I guess seeing how effectively I lost weight inspired me to do something greater for my body.

Okay, that sounded like a cheesy weight loss commercial. Anyway here it is, my (3 month late) new year's resolution, to have a leaner meaner body by the end of 2008. Now to find me a picture of some male model to pin up on my wall. Any suggestions?

On second thought, having a poster of a half naked man looking over my bed would be kinda gay.


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