Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being Chinese

On one of our usual car rides to uni, a wild boar suddenly rushed out from the bushes like a deranged.. well, wild boar. Lucky for us the pig stopped at the side of the pavement and avoided the road like superman to kryptonite. If it did otherwise, WE would have rammed it all the way to barnyard heaven. Normie asked what would have we all done if we really did hit super pig.

Th ambience of the car turned quiet for a moment and you could see everyone's answers pop up like bubble speeches in a comic strip. Some with answers like, "I'd move the pig away and keep driving." and the more civic minded ones would reply, "I''d drive to the nearest authority and report the corpse." Though most of the answers made sense, none of them seem to be good enough to be announced out loud.

When the silence passed the 5 second mark, the atmosphere in the car started to feel like a game show. A game show with no time limit and no cash prize but yet it still needs us to have the right answer. That's a terrible game show.

"I'd take it home and cook us dinner," Adrian said.

And with that, everyone's speech bubble, including the civic minded ones, were wiped clean like an eraser to a blackboard and replaced with an image of a succulent, tender, roasted meat.

We are indeed a very scary race of people.


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