Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now Everyone Can Be Doctors

As a banana in a Mandarin speaking environment, I have not being doing well to pick up the language at all. At least Wanyean is making a significant progress after 2 years in Skudai:

(In a bus back to uni. Mandarin in italics.)

Granny: Where are you studying?

Wanyean I'm studying at UTM.

Granny: Oh. What course are you taking?

Wanyean: Doctor.

Granny: WOW! You're so smart! Your parents must be so proud of you!

Wanyean: Yeah they are. -smiles-


Ben: Dude, why did you lie to the granny?

Wanyean: I didn't know how to say 'engineer' in Mandarin.

Still, he's a lot better than me. The only word I know in Mandarin that's remotely close to an occupation is 'Chicken'. I'm afraid the granny's head would spontaneously combust if I gave her that answer.


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