Thursday, January 31, 2008


One down and two more to go. Test week sucks. It didn't help that in one of today's many classes, a lecturer flashed this on the projector for all the tips-hungry undergraduates to see:

Everyone in the class had half the mind to just run up to the lecturer, clobber him to death and quickly download the test 1 file into their pen drives. Well, I did. But being the smarter bunch that we are, we approached the matter with a less violent method; trickery:

(After the projector starts working)

Lecturer: Ok, let's begin our lecture. Which chapter did we stop at? *moves cursor around the icons*

Whole class: TEST 1!! TEST 1!!

It didn't work. It was then that we decided to use a far more sophisticated method of persuasion; hypnotism:

(Everytime the lecturer minimizes a window to reveal the desktop)

Whole class: TEST 1!! TEST 1!!

Oh well, we tried. Off to the books I go :(


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