Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Single Forever

Mak is a very random person:

(During lecture)

Mak: What is the lecturer talking about?!

Adrian: No idea.

Mak: Ben, I have to ask you something.

Ben: I don't know either. The lecturer is talking too fast.

Mak: Actually I wanna ask if you have any female friends who has a bubbly personality and speaks Cantonese. I'm 21 and I need a girlfriend.

See what I mean. Anyways, the lecture was getting boring so I thought I'd play along:

Ben: I do have one.

Mak: PERFECT! Give me her number.

Ben: Hey, you gotta return the favor first.

Mak: Like a trade? Fine, what do you look for in a girl?

Ben: Hold on.


Ben: Here. (hands a piece of paper)

Mak: (Reads)

1. Pretty but not too pretty.

2. Shorter than me but not too short.

3. Smart but not too smart.

4. Talkative but not too noisy.

Mak: ...

Ben: So is there anyone?

Mak: Let me put it this way Goldilocks, you're gonna be receiving money for many Chinese New Years to come.

I'm not asking too much right?


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