Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Short Sketch

Today, our entrepreneurship lecturer told us to form a group and quickly come up with a short sketch to advertise any brand of product. The catch is, we were only given two minutes. So er.. this is what we came up with:

(Scene: 3 friends stumble upon a small cave.)

Kim: Guys, I want to see what's in there!

Adrian: Ok we'll help.

(Adrian & Normie proceeds to carry Kim and insert him horizontally into the 'cave')

Kim: Oh no guys. Stop. STOP!

Adrian: What's wrong?

Kim: The cave is so full of dirt!

Ben (leaps into the scene): Wait. You'll need this. *puts a plastic bag over Kim's head*

Kim: I do? Ok.

(Adrian & Normie inserts Kim into the cave again)

Kim: Wow, exploring this dirty cave feels so clean with this plastic bag over my head! It's so clean, I think I'm gonna go in and out the cave quickly and repetitively. Ah! Ah! Ah!

Ben: Durex. Play clean. Play safe.

Our lecturer then unhinged his jaw and left it hanging there for a few seconds. We thought we did pretty well.


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