Friday, August 24, 2007

Letting Loose

Darlene invited me out yesterday and after going out for 3 consecutive days with Beve before that, I have run out of pants to wear. I didn't expect to be out so often when I got back here so I left all my jeans (that fit me) back in Skudai. Desperate, I dug deep into my closet and finally found a pair of old khakis. Unfortunately, they didn't fit me very well.

oversized pig.bmp

That's when I remembered that I bought that pair of khakis two years ago. I even recalled fitting into them perfectly heck they were even slightly looser. Boy was I skinny. <=== Denial.

Anyway, the 8 hour walk around KLCC yesterday was a torturous one. The pants were so tight, I felt as if blood flow to my legs were permanently cut off. Darlene, here's a secret. I didn't drink that much water nor do I have a small bladder. The real reason I went to the toilet so many times yesterday was to er..

letting loose.bmp

Not my proudest my moment.


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