Saturday, April 28, 2007

How To Screw With McD

I can't believe that I spent my whole week studying in McDs. It's not for the food mind you, but because it's much more conducive to study in a place where there's no bed on the left or a computer with a 24/7 internet access on the right. Plus, being in a public area with a stack of lecture notes and a 300 page textbook on your table can make you feel really smart-ish. Heh.

Did you know that the McD delivery service doesn't have a minimum order? SO COOL! I only noticed it while checking out their notice boards (clearly I've hung out there too often). No minimum order. Think of the pranks you can pull:

(On the phone)
McD Guy: Hello, McDonald's delivery.
Ben: I would like one fries.
McD Guy: Regular or large?
Ben: I want one only.
McD Guy: Yes, you want an order of fries but in what size?
Ben: No, you listen to me. I just want ONE piece.
McD Guy: You just want.. one piece of french fries?
Ben: There is no minimum order, right?
McD Guy: Yeah but... your one piece of fries would cost you RM3 for the delivery charge. May I suggest ordering more?
Ben: I'm not hungry.
McD Guy: Then why are you ordering?!
Ben: I'm calling KFC.
McD Guy: Ok, ok. (Indistinct) "One piece of fries to Taman Uni!"
Another McD Guy: "Fuck you Jim!"

On another note, MY FINALS ARE OVER!!


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