Friday, November 17, 2006

Studying For Finals

I've been up for hours studying for my fluids finals and I think I must've explored every single part of my house by now. See, I can't sit or stay at one area for too long while studying. I need to move around every 30 minutes or so. Be it on the floor, on the bed, in my house mate's room, in my own room, in the toilet, the kitchen, anywhere! 'Nomadic' is what I like to call it. It's such a nice word, don't you think? "Nomadic, nomadic, nomadic, nomadic, nomadic!"

... I just said 'no more dick'. -giggles-

(Inside Ben's brain)
Sense Of Humour: [Out For Lunch. P/S: Please do not, under any circumstances, try to update the blog while I'm away]



Ben, are u sure it's out for lunch? What if it's never coming back? Ur blog's reputation would suffer!


if i ever see u gonna go HULK BASH HULK SMASH ! xD


^In a worst-case scenario; he could just get plastic surgery and start a photoblog :P

However, if you were to do that I would be compelled to stop viewing your site as it would be devoid of any significant and meaningful content.

Anyways, good luck for your fluids finals.


qiwei: imagine sewjin without a sense of humour.


I'm never going there again.

bernice: stop taking my line!

wilson: a male camwhore blog? i would really hate myself when the day comes.


Conclusion: Without his sense of humour, Ben got nomadic.


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