Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That Trip To The Zon

For the past 3 days I've been doing nothing except stare at the four walls. Of course I didn't JUST stare at my own four walls for 3 days, that would be crazy. Occasionally, I would go to Normie's room to stare at his four walls.

Yes, I was dead bored. So today, we decided to take trip down The Zon, a free trade zone in Johor Bahru where everything are sold tax-free. I was all ready to do some serious liquor and beer stocking but then we were told that each person is ONLY limited to two cans of beer. The tax-free liqours were only for foreigners. No matter, paying RM2.80 for a RM7.00 beer is still worth the 45 minute drive even if it's only two cans.

We are so cheap. Anyway, we just needed an excuse to get out of the house and have fun. Even the drive there was entertaining:

(Winter Sonata playing on the radio)
Normie: The male actor in this series looks like a chick.
Ben: That's how most asian artists look like these days. They go for the feminine look.
Kim: Some people criticised the Korean actor, Bae Yong Jun, for putting on so much make-up.
Ben: Huh?
Kim: Japan conducted a survey on "The most good-looking asian artist" and Bae Yong Jun came up top. The hottest looking male asian artist wears foundation and mascara. Just shows you that the more feminine an asian guy is, the more good-looking he is deemed to be.
Ben: F4 would be a good example of women-like dudes. It's a group of four guys with long hair, fair skin and tight shirts. And the asian girls go nuts over them!
Normie: You know, all of them are pretty muscular. Vic was an exception but I think he looks pretty buff now.
Ben: Jerry has the nicest body among them all, it's toned!
Kim: I like Vaness's hair, so long and soft. I would grab him by the hair and smell him dry of his conditioner.
Everyone: ...
Normie: We shall not speak of this ever again.
Everyone: [Stares at Ben]
Ben: I swear, I won't, I won't.

Yeah right, like I would pass up a good blog material. So after 30 minutes of awkward silence, we finally arrived at The Zon and began shopping. Besides 2 cans of beer, we also bought some chocolates. Tax-free chocolates aren't that cheap but they're still cheap-ER. After that, we strolled around The Zon and gave every foreigner there 'the look'. Bah! Them walking around with their bottle of tax-free Jack Daniels and us with our two measly cans of beer. Of course we'd be jealous!

After spending about half and hour in that place, we left for home. Unfortunately, leaving this place requires us to pass through the customs checkpoint. Now we've done nothing wrong. We each only took 2 cans of beer and that's it but I was still scared shitless. I guess it's because I have an unexplained fear of the local men in blue:

(Kim driving towards the customs checkpoint)
Normie: Hey look, they're not so strict. See, they just let the car in front of pass through.
Kim: (Passes the officer) Hello.
Officer: (Stops the car) I need to ask you boys to step out of the vehicle. Please empty all your pockets and pop up the trunk.
Everyone: [Stares at Ben]
Ben: Are you kidding? This one is definitely going in.


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