Friday, May 19, 2006

Why Undegrads Return To Their Hometowns Every Week

Wanyean is pissed at a friend back at his hometown

Wanyean: I wanna get back at him so bad!
Ben: I'll tell you what I'll do if I were you, book a ticket back to your hometown tonight..
Wanyean: Then...?
Ben: Steal his tyres!
Wanyean: First of all, you're crazy, and second, he doesn't even have a car.
Ben: Then steal his shoe!
Wanyean: I'm not buying a RM100 ticket to and fro Penang just to steal my friend's shoes!
Ben: Nono, you steal one shoe.

(Wanyean imagines himself actually heeding Ben's advice)

On the bus to Penang
Wanyean: (Rubbing hands) Heheheheheh!

In front of friend's house
Wanyean: (Steals a shoe) Hahahahahaha!

On the bus back to UTM
Wanyean: (Holding shoe up in the air) Hahahahahaha!

Back at his friend's house
Friend: My other pair of bata! (Waves fist dramatically in the air) Damn you Wanyean!

Wanyean smiled to himself widely and immediately bought a ticket back to Penang.



Just dropping by.
I applaud your vivid imagination! Going through such lengths to have your revenge. But just in case you're really going to do it. Hee hee... you could also put whipped cream in that person's shoes.

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