Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pain In The Behind

Dealing with the office staff here is exactly how it would feel if I stuck a fork right up where the sun don't shine. Major pain in the ass. I mean what happened to improving the image of civil servants in Malaysia?

Conversation 1
Office Guy: Hey you! Your hair is too long! Get out!
Student 1: But I just had this cut yesterday..
Office Guy: Well cut it again! And your nails are too long, your pants are too revealing, your necklace is too shiny and you're more handsome than me.
Student 1: What?!
Office Guy: Get out! (Whiplash!)

Conversation 2
Student 2: I wanna register for a subject.
Office Girl: Fill in this form.
Student 2: (Fills in form) Here you go.
Office Girl: Oh it's 12.45pm, time to close. Please go.
Student 2: What? Just sign me in and that's it.. hey don't you guys break at 1pm?
Office Girl: (Breaks open wall clock and spins the minute hand) There, it's 1pm now go.

Conversation 3
Me: (At counter 3) I wanna register to stay here during short sem.
Office Girl: You better take your business to counter 4.
Me: (At counter 4) So I wanna register to stay here during short sem.
Office Guy: I gotta go hunt a duck in Mongolia, go to counter 5.
Me: (At counter 5) *cringes teeth* I would like to register to stay here during short sem.
Office Girl 2: I'm sorry you can't do that until tomorrow. Didn't you see the LATEST notice put up 5 minutes ago?
Me: ...
Office Girl 2: Here's a gun.
Me: Thank you (Puts gun in mouth and pulls trigger).

Well the only time they were smiling was when they gave me a gun.


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