Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jusco Joys

Busy, busy, busy on a Sunday Afternoon

It's after our Thermodynamics exam and we're all in a mood to go shopping! It's more like a stress-relief outing and we sure needed one. So we went to KFC for lunch and then off to Jusco! Hilarity ensues.

Bakery Isle:
*Five us each grabbed a loaf of bread and put them into an empty shopping cart*
Ben: Hm.. five undergrads and five loaf of breads.. UTM ain't treating us very well are they?
Friend 1: Hey look! A cheaper loaf of bread, we'll save 5 cents each!

Instant Noodles Isle:
Friend 3: I am so happy *sobs*
Friend 4: So this is what heaven looks like..

Snacks Isle:
Ben: Hey isn't that our Lab lecturer?
Friend 5: Man.. I really need an A for that subject.
Ben: Why don't you go talk to her, maybe flirt with her a little. Heheh. That should get you 1 or 2 marks.
Friend 5: I will! (Walks to lecturer)
Ben: You know I was joking right about the flirting part?
Friend 5: (Shows a nipple to the lecturer)
Lecturer: What the..?
Friend 5: Oh I'm sorry, you deserve more (Shows both nipples)

Healthy Eating Isle:
Friend 1: Look isn't that Mark with his girlfriend?
Friend 2: She looks good.
Friend 3: You're kidding, her legs are too short and her eyes are small.
Friend 4: Her forehead is large and her shoulders are too broad.
Friend 2: Now that you've mentioned it, her boobs are a bit saggy.
(60 years later five of these guys die alone and as virgins)

Friend 1: Come la we pay at the Express Counter. We've each got 8 items or less anyway.
Ben: But the express line is so long (About 8 people)! Let's just take the shopping cart line, it's just 2 more customers.
Friend 1: Suits you guys.
(5 minutes later)
Friend 1: (Waving hands at us from the cashier counter)
Friend 2: Ben, you do realise there is STILL two customers in front of us.
Ben: Yes..

Car Park:
Friend 1: A day well spent in Jusco right guys?
Others: YEAP!
Ben: (All bruised and bleeding) Yes it was!


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